A Speeder for all Species

  • Are you stranded on Tatooine without transportation?
  • Did the galactic empire impound your vehicle because of some droid problem?
  • Is the Hutt coming down on you, and you can't afford to get away?
  • Are you just tired of stepping in Bantha fodder?
  • We might not be able to help with any of those, but if you need your landspeeder customized for the next big event then maybe we can help.
Welcome to Lego® Luke's Custom Landspeeder designs. We spealize in all types of low air vehicles, made of special bricks.

Speeder Showroom

About us

Just another fan site for Lego® and Star Wars®
Needed a place to show off our models in style and have fun.

We are not affiliated in any way with Lego® or Star Wars®.

Lego and Star wars is a great combonation.
So great that we just had to make this site for all types of speeders.
Our speeders are all made from Official Lego® bricks.
Landspeeders, Airspeeders, Speederbikes, Sail Barges, and Pod Racers, are so much fun that we have to build as many as we can.
We will soon have some pics of our customers piloting thier speeders all around Tatooine.
This will be posted on Reddit and maybe a few others.

Coming Soon: Bens Backroom, where you can find an interesting array of weapons.

Contact us

brickmaster @ ryleyrane.com

Please don't contact us regarding how great our speeders are, as we already know.
We talk and answer questions in other forumns, which is why we don't do comments on our site.
Nothing personal, just too much spam to deal with.